Coach Eric VanTassel presents Strobe Training Glasses

Eric Van Tassel is one of the best receiver coaches in the Western United States.

He is based in Arizona and has played and coached at the professional level.  He teaches what most coaches don't have time to teach.

From the most minute of details of getting off the line and maximizing efficiency in running a route to identifying defense coverages and beating your defender.

You don't have to be the fastest or strongest to compete.

If you are quicker and more efficient you will be targeted more often.

VIMA REV Senaptec Strobe Sport Training Glasses improves reaction time, focus, and balance.


Change your brain & improve your game.

Strobe Training takes away visual stimuli and makes the brain work faster and become more efficient.


Focus is improved as the brain must gather relevant visual stimuli and ignore irrelevant visual stimuli.

After training with the glasses the brain processes info sooner which results in the game slowing down.

The sooner the brain receives info the sooner it can move the body (reaction time).

The better info (relevant) the brain receives the easier it is to move the body in a position for success.

VIMA REV Senaptec Strobe SPORT Training Glasses Goggles improves your reaction time, focus, and balance.