Change Your Brain, Improve Your Game


The world’s greatest athletes do 3 things better than you.

They have better REACTION TIME.

They capture relevant info and maintain better FOCUS.

They have better BALANCE and BODY AWARENESS.

When we train the brain to work faster the game seems slower.

When we train the brain to ignore irrelevant stimuli our focus improves.

The more visual stimuli we remove the more the brain relies on the muscles and nerves to get its information which improves your balance and body control.

The DRILLS below are just some samples.  You can adjust them to fit your training.

Always start on the lowest level, Level 10 (100ms of occlusion).

Increase the level of occlusion to increase difficulty.

Change from dual lenses mode to single eye mode for greater challenge.


Use your imagination with different drills.  The goal is to continue to challenge the brain.

Training should be done 3 or more times a week anywhere from 10-30 minutes.

Click on sport below or scroll down to see the available drills and download PDF.


Available upon Request!