Updated: May 5, 2020

Did you know you have an athletic 'blind spot'? Every athlete has a dominant eye and a weaker eye. What does that mean as an athlete? Hitters have a 'blind spot' in the strike zone. Receivers and quarterbacks have one too. MMA/UFC/Boxers definitely have one. It can be the difference in success and consistency. What is MY weaker/dominant eye?

“Begin with your arms out, wrists bent at 90 degrees upward and allow your palms to face away from you (like you are telling someone to “stop” moving). Bring your hands together so that your fingers overlap and form a triangular peephole with your thumbs and index fingers. Focus on a small object across the room. While viewing the object through the peephole, first close your left eye. If you still don’t see the object, switch eyes. The eye that sights the target is your dominant eye.”

For all athletes, YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE INFO YOUR BRAIN PROCESSES. If you process poor or late info if will be difficult for your brain to put you body in a successful position. Conversely, good, relevant and timely info leads to more success. When your brain processes info faster it can move the body sooner (REACTION TIME). Great FOCUS means the brain is getting relevant info and ignoring irrelevant info. BETTER INFO TO THE BRAIN ALLOWS THE BRAIN TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS, QUICKER DECISIONS!

The dominant eye gives the brain good info & the brain relies more on the dominant eye. The dominant eye WILL NOT allow the weaker eye to develop as much as it needs to. Good news, there is a way to develop your weaker eye. When we put the brain in a position to rely on the weaker eye it will learn to gather the info needed to put the body in a position for success.

With Strobe Training Glasses ( you can isolate the weaker eye and challenge it on different levels of occlusion. The longer the level of occlusion the harder and faster the brain must work. After training with the glasses for 10-15 minutes the weaker eye is now giving the brain better info. It will help to eliminate your 'blind spot' and give you more balanced vision. If your dominant eye were to become injured your weak eye will now give your brain better info. WE ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THE INFO OUR BRAIN RECEIVES. Incomplete or late info will keep an athlete from performing at their peak.

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