One skill Wide Receivers MUST have to be great!

Updated: Mar 17

In the latest Sports Illustrated, 4/20/20 HOFer Michael Irvin says regarding body control, “that is the most important asset a wide receiver can have”. Irvin is talking about DeAndre Hopkins.

He is an “area-code guy”, meaning he caught every ball thrown in his general vicinity. Great athletes practice harder than the game. They challenge the brain to work and focus faster. The game slows down for them. As you move from youth football to high school to college to the pros the game speeds up. If you cannot keep up and process info sooner you cannot play at that level and the game passes you by.

Strobe Training Glasses take away visual stimuli and MAKES the brain rely more on balance and feel (body control) in order to be successful. The brain MUST focus with less information and MUST process info faster in order to put the body in a position to be successful. Vestibular (balance) and proprioceptive (feel) systems are engaged at a much higher level. When you are successful with the resistance Strobe Training Glasses puts on the brain the game becomes easier. Your brain is processing info faster and that allows you to keep up at the games speed up.

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