Our Brain Gets in the Way of Us Being Great Golfers!

Listen to Greg Avant, an accomplished competitive golfer, as he shares his experience with Strobe Training Glasses. Most golfers have too many thoughts going through their mind before they set up, during set up, and during the swing. YIPS? Irrelevant information that clogs the brain from working more efficiently. Self doubt. Don't choke. Can't miss. Mechanics, mechanics, etc. The good news is that there is a way to quiet the mind and the body. Training with Strobe Sport Glasses takes away visual stimuli through the occlusion of the lenses. As you become more comfortable we can increase the length of the occlusion. What does that mean? How does that help me? When you take away visual stimuli the BRAIN must work harder to get its info in order to move the body successfully. The brain works faster and focus becomes better. Better focus means that the athlete's brain is working more efficiently. More efficiently means that the brain learns to ignore irrelevant information and only process the info needed to move successfully.

Listen to Greg as he says how he feels calmer. Quiet brain, quiet body. Once you stand over the ball there is no need to clutter your brain with additional stimuli. Trust yourself. See the ball, see the target, make the swing. When we don't trust ourselves is when doubt, outside noise, too many mechanical thoughts creep inside out brain. Strobe Training Glasses makes the brain engage with 'feel' of the muscles and nerves and less on vision. When an athlete can learn 'feel' he/she can make adjustments. Without 'feel' we will continue to make mistakes and perform inconsistently. Consistent training, 10-15 minutes, 3 or more times per week, will keep the brain working faster and more efficiently. Train your brain to become more efficient. Train yourself to perform more consistently when the game gets hard.

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