Train you brain to work faster! Faster Brain = REACTION TIME

Updated: Mar 17

As an athlete we are only as good as the info our brain receives. If we give the brain relevant (good) info it can move the body in a position for success consistently. Conversely, If we give the brain irrelevant (poor) info it becomes difficult to move the body successfully.

Think of visual stimuli as food for your brain. Relevant info is like filet mignon. Irrelevant info is like fast food. The body works better with better food and the brain is the same. Garbage in, garbage out.

Moving the body is like a math equation. The more stimuli the brain must process the longer it takes for the brain to process it and move the body. For example, if I had to count to 3 and then move I would be able to do it sooner than if I had to count to 6 and the move my body.

Another way of thinking about......... the number 3 is the relevant visual info needed for the brain to move the body successfully. The number 6 represents the relevant visual info (3) AND irrelevant visual info (3).

Through STROBE TRAINING GLASSES we can train the brain to be more efficient and process relevant info while ignoring irrelevant info. Through the levels of occlusion (when the lenses are opaque) we can increase the levels from 100ms, 150ms, 210ms, 280ms, up to 910ms while alternating with 100ms of clear lenses. As the occlusion levels increase, the brain must work FASTER and FOCUS becomes concentrated.

After training with the STROBE TRAINING GLASSES and removing them, everything seems to SLOW DOWN. In reality, the visual environment is not slower. Your brain is now processing info much faster.

SPEED UP THE BRAIN, SLOW DOWN THE GAME! The sooner the brain processes info the sooner it can move the body. The better the info your brain processes the better it can move your body in a position for success.

Sounds pretty simple when it is put that way. Whether you are hitting a baseball or catching a football STROBE TRAINING GLASSES are scientifically proven to improve performance.

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