Your brain is in control, not you! TRAIN IT!

Updated: Mar 17

#Choking is "failure to perform up to whatever level of skill and ability the person has at the time". #Pressure often leads to choking and is composed of "any factor or combination of factors that increases the importance of performing well on a particular occasion". #Strobetraining creates an environment where the brain disengages from self-focus (technical, physiological, or emotional aspects) and external-focus (outcome of task or the goal being pursued) and allows for automation (the ideal state to perform without thought or apparent conscious control). In other words, the athlete is hyper-focused on the most relevant visual cues in order to perform a successful athletic movement. This environment stresses the eyes & brain so an athlete can train in a game-like #pressure situation. The more training in #pressure situations creates the ability to perform successfully and maintain greater #focus with higher workloads.

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