Change Your Brain, Improve Your Game

Improved Visual Cognition through Stroboscopic Training

This Duke University study tested various groups of participants and details the results and improvements achieved following training with stroboscopic eyewear.

Stroboscopic Training Enhances Anticipatory Timing

This study for the International Journal of Exercise Science tested and details the results of improved response time in participants before, during and after training with stroboscopic eyewear.

High-Performance Vision Training Improves Batting Statistics for University of Cincinnati Baseball Players

This study describes vision training methods, including training with stroboscopic eyewear, and the results achieved by the University of Cincinnati baseball team from 2010 to 2011.

Effect of Stroboscopic Vision Training on Dynamic Visual Acuity Scores

This paper details the testing and methods of testing visual acuity changes in participants training with

stroboscopic eyewear and provides the results of the improvements.

Stroboscopic vision and sustained attention during coincidence-anticipation

This paper explores the results of subjects’ coincidence-anticipation performance improvement using stroboscopic eyewear training. uring%20coincidence-anticipation.pdf


Stroboscopic Visual Training Improves Information Encoding in Short-term Memory

This study explores improvements in visual memory resulting from stroboscopic eyewear training.

Vision Training Methods for Sports Concussion Mitigation and Management

This paper details various methods and results of sports concussion mitigation and management including training with stroboscopic eyewear.

An Exploratory Study of the Potential Effects of Vision Training on Concussion Incidence in Football

This paper explores the effects of vision training on peripheral vision in concussion incidence including training with stroboscopic eyewear.

Stroboscopic Visual Training: a Pilot Study with Three Elite Youth Football Goalkeepers

This study describes the test methods and improvement results from the use of stroboscopic eyewear training with three elite youth football goalkeepers.

Enhancing Ice Hockey Skills Through Stroboscopic Visual Training

This study describes the methods and improvements in performance achieved through the use of stroboscopic training by professional hockey player participants.

The impact of a sports vision training program in youth field hockey players

This paper discusses the performance improvements in youth field hockey players following various

sports vision training exercises including stroboscopic training.