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Strobe Baseball Training Glasses.


Research shows athletes that use occlusion training are found to improve reaction time, focus, balance and feel.*

*Orignially created by as theNIKE Vapor Strobe developed by Dr. Alan Reichow, Nike’s former Global Director of Vision Science.  Dr. Reichow took the NIKE product and improved the technology to the current VIMA Strobe Sport Glasses.


High-Performance Vision Training Improves Batting Statistics for University of Cincinnati Baseball Players

This study describes vision training methods, including training with stroboscopic eyewear, and the results achieved by the University of Cincinnati baseball team from 2010 to 2011.

Improved Visual Cognition through Stroboscopic Training

This Duke University study tested various groups of participants and details the results and improvements achieved following training with stroboscopic eyewear.

Stroboscopic Training Enhances Anticipatory Timing

This study for the International Journal of Exercise Science tested and details the results of improved response time in participants before, during and after training with stroboscopic eyewear.

Stroboscopic vision and sustained attention during coincidence-anticipation

This paper explores the results of subjects’ coincidence-anticipation performance improvement using stroboscopic eyewear training. uring%20coincidence-anticipation.pdf


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